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Electrosol is to create tangible value in IT services that make us a preferred and strategic partner to our customers.

Our IT consulting services contribute to strong understanding of relationship and career management with customers and consultants are the foundation for our future growth.

It offers a complete range of quality IT services at a low cost and specializes in Providing IT solutions within various vertical market, both commercial and government sectors, by engaging experts within the Industry in order to deliver optimal solutions that ensure that businesses are able to achieve their goals.

Electrosol Executives have more than 2 years of collective of experience in which comprises consulting, technology, Enterprise Resource Planning, Web based application development and Infrastructure Management Service and outsourcing services are customized.

Our Solutions

  • All domine final year projects.
  • Lab equipment sales and service.
  • Computer sales and service.
  • PCB Design.
  • Embedded training.
  • PLC Training.
  • Seminors.
  • Workshops.
  • Hands on training.

To address clients industry specific challenges and drive improvements in business performance. Our commitment is to Excellence and quality service to customers.

We are able to optimize IT investments by reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our management team has more than 4 years of experience. We helped companies to achieve synergy between business and IT goals.

We continuously invest in new technologies, processes and people to help you stay ahead of competition and achieve our business goals

We offer a complete range of uncompromising quality and value added IT products and services with focus on specific vertical Segments.

We provide End-to-end solutions by engaging industry experts and cutting edge technologies. Our aim is to deliver optimal solutions that help our customers achieves their business goals.